Super Saiyan Levels Ranked: A Dragon Ball Power Analysis From Weakest to Strongest (Part 2)

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Dragon Ball: All The Super Saiyan Levels Ranked Weakest To Strongest

Dragon Ball: All The Super Saiyan Levels Ranked Weakest To Strongest: This is the Part 2 of the Post ranking the Super Saiyan Levels from weakest to strongest.

In Part 1, we have discussed from False Super Saiyan to Golden Great Ape. So let’s continue our discussion.

Dragon Ball: All The Super Saiyan Levels Ranked Weakest To Strongest

  1. False Super Saiyan
  2. Super Saiyan
  3. Ascended Super Saiyan
  4. Ultra Super Saiyan
  5. Super Saiyan II
  6. Super Saiyan Full Power
  7. Legendary Super Saiyan
  8. Berserker Super Saiyan
  9. Super Saiyan III
  10. Golden Great Ape
  11. Super Saiyan IV
  12. Super Saiyan God
  13. Super Saiyan Rage
  14. Super Saiyan Blue
  15. Super Saiyan Rose
  16. Super Saiyan White
  17. Ultra Instinct
  18. Perfected Ultra Instinct
  19. Ultra Ego
  20. True Ultra Instinct

Super Saiyan IV

The Super Saiyan 4 form gives a Saiyan fighter incredible strength beyond any previous Super Saiyan. With their Godlike power levels intact, Saiyans in this state can quickly recover from injuries and continue fighting.

A Saiyan in this state may also unleash the Super Saiyan 10x Kamehameha Wave, an enhanced version of the Kamehameha that is ten times as strong as Goku’s standard version. They may also convert the energy of an opponent’s strike into their own. Goku did this for the first time when he used Baby’s Revenge Death Ball Final as energy for his 10x Kamehameha.

This transformation is less demanding on one’s Ki reserves than the Super Saiyan 3 version. Therefore, it has a significantly greater useful life. It would appear that the user’s physical stature also increases throughout this time. Goku stands out compared to his friends Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks in this form.

The first use of Super Saiyan IV occurred in the creation of Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, a strong combination of Goku and Vegeta. Gogeta’s victory over Omega Shenron came in this form. However, the fusion didn’t last long since Gogeta’s cruel, cold-blooded nature got in the way of his battle against the powerful Shenron. Although Vegeta was able to strike a Big Bang Kamehameha that caused Omega Shenron to vomit the Dragon Balls and revert back to Syn Shenron, the fusion eventually wore off, leaving Gogeta to slay Omega Shenron on his own. Future conflicts will most likely see the return of Super Saiyan 4.

The Dragon Ball Legends game has a persistent event that, once cleared, grants access to this form, as well as mission rewards and the rare medal exchange. The damage done and sustained are both much improved. The “Lightspeed Kamehameha” special attack, which allows the player to reenact Goku’s use of this form against Si-Shinron in the original TV series, is also available.

Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan God

There was a lot of hype around Super Saiyan God before Battle of the Gods, but it has become one of Dragon Ball’s less common transformations. Its debut sparked a lot of discussion, and for good reason: this structure expands on a brilliant notion, like the fact that fusion is superior to all other approaches.

God Form is the pinnacle of Saiyan development. The ritual necessary to access this form and the short window of time during which it is active have made them the stuff of warrior legend. To access it, six good-hearted Saiyans must transfer their power onto one warrior to gain entry.

To fight Beerus, Goku transformed into God form with the help of Shenron’s desire. As a result, Goku now had an equal opponent in Universe 7, Angel in Whis, who could keep up with him while utilizing Super Saiyan Blue.

Super Saiyan God helps Goku to stop Bills’ energy sphere from detonating and destroying planet Earth in one brief scene of the movie, yet Oracle Fish still claims that Goku isn’t strong enough to become one. This claim might be plausible in principle, but it has never been verified as a real-world process of actual change.

The user of Divine Acclimation gains access to the New Dimension Trait, which allows them to regain additional life points and Ki Points from defeated opponents holding God Ki and increases the value of one of their battle Rolls by an additional 1d6 during battle.

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Super Saiyan Rage

In Dragon Ball, Goku and Vegeta spend much time seeking ways to make godliness possible. They seek a divine might greater than their mortal selves to overcome their enemies. The Super Saiyan Blue transformation involves the infusion of God Ki and Saiyan Ki into the body. It makes sense that their ultimate form, Super Saiyan Rage, is named after the emotion that fuels their incredible strength. This Super Saiyan form exists independently of their emotions, unlike their other Super Saiyan transformations.

The wielder of Super Saiyan Rage enjoys more endurance than in any previous Super Saiyan transformation. This is especially true with Future Trunks, who don’t seem to sweat while charging a Genki Dama or fighting Merged Zamasu. Because of this, he can keep battling them both and eventually eliminate both of their bodies with a single blow.

The issue here is that it needs to be clarified how the strength of Super Saiyan Rage compares to that of previous forms. It’s stronger than a standard Super Saiyan 2, but how much stronger remains a mystery.

Remember that the series’ overarching goal is to convey a tale about hope, endurance, and sacrifice, not to determine who is the strongest. Power levels and the justification of strength are less important than in some other action-adventure series because of this. What is important is seeing a hero rise to the challenge and triumph against adversity. Super Saiyan Rage delivers on that promise, and it does it competently enough for fans to adore it.

Once a Saiyan has mastered this form, they can spend extended time in it and even sleep while maintaining their normal body temperature. The tamed quality of their emotions in this condition makes them more strategic in battle and gives them a more constant rhythm of thought. As a bonus, they can maintain this shape for as little as 10 minutes while doing a fusion dance.

Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue, who debuted in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F,’ is now one of the most powerful new Saiyan forms. Due to the high energy expenditure of their base forms and the might of a Super Saiyan God, this new condition is formidable. Even though its shape has been a driving force throughout the series, other details about it are less common knowledge.

The most vital fact about Super Saiyan Blue is that once mastered, the user doesn’t have to waste energy on ki generation and can instead focus on using their ki for strikes. As a result, it is more suited to long battles, like the ones Goku and Vegeta faced against Hit and Jiren. Additionally, the warrior can raise their Kaio-ken level without depleting their base strength.

Last but not least, the enhanced ki control allows users of Super Saiyan Blue to combine it with further enhancements. Goku demonstrated this when he utilized Super Saiyan Blue to reach X10 and X20 power levels during his fights with the Gods of Destruction. After getting only two mild taps from Beerus, god of destruction for Universe 7, in his ordinary Super Saiyan 3 form, this allowed him to keep the pressure on.

Goku and Vegeta both reached Super Saiyan Blue in the end. In the Future Trunks Arc, Vegeta and Future Trunks fought against Base Black and Fused Zamasu, and Vegeta first employed this form. Instantly shifting between the two, he gained strength but fell short of the Super Saiyan God’s abilities.

Super Saiyan Rose

Super Saiyan Rose

Black Goku employed the Super Saiyan Rose form in Dragon Ball, as the name implies. The metamorphosis was so profound that he could now shape God Ki into his weapons. It also enabled him to slash through reality, creating impressive vortices in the sky.

There are very less disadvantages to this form’s potency that make it unlikely that Goku or Vegeta would be able to defeat it. First of all, it has a high energy footprint. He must focus intently and exert finely tuned control over his ki to use it effectively. Black, unlike mere mortals, is channeling his heavenly power here. Because this form is so focused and efficient, Black doesn’t even lose stamina as quickly as he would in Super Saiyan Blue.

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There’s a reason why this form is pink, too. The reason is that Black’s hair color coincides with this kind. Black’s father, Zamasu, and the Supreme Kai he merged into after he died in the Majin Buu saga both had hair a similar hue.

A Super Saiyan Rose item known as the Fused Zamasu Wig is available to players who complete the Raid Quest “Zero Mortal Plan,” even though this is not a form the Saiyan Future Warrior may achieve in the game. This item can draw Ultimate Arts up to twice, filling the unique gauge by a certain amount after each Blow Art. It also prevents the enemy from using their primary abilities by interfering with their actions and forcing them to discard arts cards.

Super Saiyan White

Super Saiyan White

In the Dragon Ball series, this is a transformation. Super Saiyan White, a level above Mastered Super Saiyan Blue, looks to represent the next evolution of the Super Saiyan race.

Goku supposedly mastered this style after completing the first level of the Technique of the Gods (Ultra Instinct Sign). Therefore, Super Saiyan White is a power that allows its possessor to ignore anything save the cold, hard facts of battle. It allows them to fight on pure instinct, effortlessly avoiding strikes and countering with lethal ones of their own.

Intriguingly, this new form also improves users’ ability to empathize with individuals in their immediate vicinity. Goku fights Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, and displays his Super Saiyan White abilities in the video above. He does this quietly because he wants to see how far Beerus will go for him.

Goku can effortlessly avoid Beerus’ assaults and quickly counter with his own. Ultimately, Goku lands a hit so hard that it knocks Beerus to the ground.

While the Super Saiyan White can have incredible feats, some fans believe its strength is limited. There must be a limit to Goku’s strength, or he would always continue improving. If we let that happen, he’ll have more influence than the Angels and Zeno combined.

Ultra Instinct

Ultra Instinct

This explained that Goku and Vegeta would only be able to achieve Ultra Instinct if they could maintain their composure under pressure during the Tournament of Power. Neither God of Destruction Jiren nor any other mortal has ever been able to do this. This allowed the Silver-Haired Supreme Warrior to access the Sign of Awakening variation of the form, which granted him even more extraordinary offensive powers.

In its most basic definition, Ultra Instinct is a mental and emotional condition in which one can let go of rational thought and let one’s subconscious take control, resulting in forceful, immediate action. Angels like Whis employ this strategy so efficiently that they can easily defeat even the most powerful warriors.

Emotions like fear or rage might lead the user of Ultra Instinct to lose the state’s power-enhancing effects or depart the state altogether. That’s why, when Goku became mad with Jiren, he had to go to Ultra Instinct form rapidly.

Although Goku is the only mortal able to access this form, the manga hints that Master Roshi can as well. Indeed, this was the key to his ultimate victory over Jiren. He never lost his cool and calmly repelled Jiren’s strikes with a Kamehameha wave.

Spirit Pulse, a new Ki surge unlocked alongside this ability, releases a surge of energy that drives foes away from Goku. In the late game, this maneuver might be advantageous when players are up against swarms of foes.

Significant departures have occurred between the manga and the anime adaptations of the Tournament of Power storyline. Goku’s formal introduction to Ultra Instinct also occurs in the manga, which features much more context and complexity than the anime.

Goku learns about UI concepts while practicing with Whis. Without thinking about it, his body moves out of the way of Kefla’s attack. It’s quite similar to how he avoided every single one of Jiren’s strikes during the tournament and ultimately defeated him with a single, well-placed blow.

Goku wants to improve his UI abilities after learning the fundamentals from Merus and witnessing them in action from Whis. This is one of his key draws to join King Kai’s Gravity Training.

Perfected Ultra Instinct

The evolution to Perfected Ultra Instinct has always been one of the most fascinating in Dragon Ball. Goku is among the few who mastered the tremendous and mysterious martial style Perfected Ultra Instinct. Though he couldn’t always enter this condition on command and occasionally struggled to sustain it, he initially hinted at it during the Tournament of Power by entering Ultra Instinct Sign against Jiren and effectively matching him.

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Hyper Instinct, the highest setting of Ultra Instinct, allows the player to act on impulse rather than thinking about what to do next. Because of this, users may launch assaults much more quickly without planning each step carefully, and they can give their attacks an unexpected depth and power.

During the Universe Survival Saga, Goku first displayed hints of attaining this form when he reflexively avoided Beerus’ assault before it could hit him, bringing Beerus in with him. Tossing Gas into space after utilizing its massive avatar form to defeat him, he made way for Granolah to take her energy shot without endangering Earth or her planet in the process.

Destruction Hearts even called Goku’s usage of the form “the might of gods,” implying that the form had a nearly heavenly nature. However, to activate and maintain its benefits for extended periods, the form’s practitioners must put in extensive training and effort.

Ultra Ego

Ultra Ego

Ultra Ego is a style that enhances a fighter’s prowess by appealing to their innate need for conflict. Saiyans who enjoy fighting and gaining strength through practice will find this talent particularly handy. The risk of Ultra Ego lies in its user losing focus during a battle and unwittingly absorbing harm.

After years of training with Beerus, during which he mastered Hakai and earned a God of Destruction earring, Vegeta unleashes his new form on Granolah, the last surviving Cerealian in the series.

An intense purple aura envelops Vegeta in his Ultra Ego form; his eyebrows become ridge-like without apparent facial hair; his hair transforms to a Tyrian purple tint; and his eyes remain a distinct black.

The increased strength of Ultra Ego comes with the trade-off of impaired judgment, increasing the likelihood that it would knowingly risk harm to itself or do something it should avoid. Unfortunately, it takes energy and worry to use this format.

Remember that Ultra Ego is far less powerful than Ultra Instinct since it doesn’t enable the user to remain in this condition after taking heavy damage. Because of this, it’s highly improbable that Vegeta will be able to keep his fighting zeal at its peak while employing this form once again.

True Ultra Instinct

True Ultra Instinct

Fans of Dragon Ball know that the Saiyans are fascinating people who like the thrill of conflict. Extreme pride compels them to become the most potent beings in their universe, and they achieve this status in several ways, including absorbing Zenkai and putting themselves in harm’s way to gain awareness of danger. However, one of the most distinctive ways they grow stronger is by tapping into Ultra Instinct, their purest form.

The unique fighting style was invented by Goku, and only he can use it.Goku’s new True Ultra Instinct doesn’t require him to morph to use, which means less wear and tear on his body. The only drawback of Goku’s new form is that he must replenish his energy to keep it up occasionally. To combat Gas, who had wished to become the universe’s greatest warrior, Goku used this technique. However, even with this powerful form, he was no match for Black Frieza and suffered a brutal defeat.

Immediately after its introduction in Tournament of Strength, fans wondered if this strength meant Goku might become a deity. However, some intriguing events have come into play as the manga took two separate arcs, and now True Ultra Instinct instead – some might call this transformation ineffective while others consider it his most powerful transformation yet.


Super Saiyan transformations, which grant fighters access to greater levels of strength, have provided fans of Dragon Ball with many exciting bouts and power increases. There are tangible benefits and differences associated with each metamorphosis.
It’s a big aspect of the show to see Goku and Vegeta level up, but many weaker Super Saiyans don’t make it to their full potential for various reasons (age, training, etc.).
Because each route represents a unique perspective on power, it can shed light on the personalities of its users. As the Dragon Ball Super manga progresses, we should expect to see many more Saiyan transformations in the future.

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