Ethics Policy

Code of Ethics

Honesty, integrity, and transparency are tenets that WriFlix will never abandon. Our values, principles, and goals will help us, and our readers create a better world. This document aims to lay forth the value and mission embedded in our ethical principles.

Our Code of Ethics will help us learn about who we are and what we stand for.


Sincerity WriFlix’s mission is to provide readers with verified and fact-checked content that is both factual and interesting. We plan to produce credible information with no embellishments from a third party, which might damage our reputation. Our generation is profoundly oblivious and susceptible to the effect of any alerts. Sometimes they don’t even bother trying to find out what’s happening in prison. So, we’re here to deliver fun and reliable material, and if we make a mistake, we’ll do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.


We at WriFlix are very committed to being honest and open since these qualities will help people recognize us as a legitimate news source. We aim to ensure that no highlighted person, concept, or organization receives preferential treatment. The preferred tenor and vocabulary will be reasonable as well. Our primary goal is to spread a moral outlook utilizing interesting, informative, and amusing articles. To begin, we are addressing broad, engaging themes, which in and of itself reduces the potential for controversy.


As a group, we are dedicated to earning the confidence of our readers and our staff, and we make choices that further that goal. We want our audience to trust that we are self-aware, accountable, and conscientious by being transparent about our procedures and regulations.

In the end, a more honest and open community may be built via the power of open dialogue made possible by transparency. As a bonus, it fosters an atmosphere where people are willing to learn from one another and work together. This will result in fewer constraints on creative thinking. One such item on which we will never compromise is our dedication to our readers.

The guidelines for how we make editorial decisions are available here: Editorial Policy.